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Oct 29 2012

Blimey Brackets

My job at MojoTech often involves editing sophisticated CSS rules. Sometimes, a single rule is so large that it cannot be viewed all at once. In these cases, it can be hard to remember the indentation level for a rule. That’s why I whipped up a quick plugin for my current text editor of choice, Sublime Text 2.

When I place my cursor on the ending bracket for a rule, the plugin finds the matching open bracket, and displays the preceding text on the status line. This way, I don’t have to scroll up to see which rule I’m editing. It is also very helpful in identifying stray brackets or improper indentation.

If you think this sounds interesting, check out the plugin at: https://github.com/mojotech/blimey_brackets

For more custom bracket guides, I highly recommend: https://github.com/facelessuser/BracketHighlighter

—David Dufresne