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May 14 2014

We’re growing! In more ways than one.

There’s a saying about how you shouldn’t build an airplane while it’s rolling down the runway… But when you’re growing fast and taking names, sometimes you need to seize good opportunities when you find them. Especially when those opportunities mean hiring the most talented people you can find.

We’ve not yet completed the process of expanding our 5-month-old office, but we’re not letting that halt our ride down the runway. Carpe Diem. Carpe Developers. Carpe a Marketing Manager, too.

In the past month, we’ve had quite the flurry of activity in our “HR Department” and we have several new members on the team to tell you about:

Fabián Cañas brings extensive software development experience, especially in mobile, to MojoTech. He developed a few “Top 100” iOS apps in multiple countries, and was most recently the principal software engineer for MapQuest.

Chris Eldridge adds to our mobile team with experience developing Android apps. He created SquiggleArt, a game that allows users to create interactive drawings in the context of a free-flowing puzzle. Chris also served as an advanced systems and technology engineer for Hamilton Sundstrand for eight years, where he worked for the Navy and NASA -- that’s submarines and spaceships (he’ll be planning our next field trip).

TJ Sondermann has joined us to help tell our story to the world. He began his marketing career in TV, working for Nickelodeon. From there, he transitioned to the world of startups as Program Director for Betaspring. While there, he was involved in launching sixteen startups in 1.5 years. TJ also led business development and marketing initiatives for our friends at BatchBlue Software.

Carlos Gomes, a senior at the University of Rhode Island, was MojoTech’s first official intern, last semester. He discovered his passion for programming through video games, and has studied the subject intensively throughout college. His time here -- for him and our team -- went so well that we decided a full-time gig was the best way to end his internship.

Dylan Kirby and Josh Tombs join the team this month as our summer interns. Dylan will be a senior at WPI in the fall; studying Computer Science. Josh is entering his junior year at UMass, where he's majoring in Computer Engineering. They are excited to be applying their classroom learning to live projects with us, over the next few months.

For those keeping score at home, that’s another six Mojos in the lunch line. (Note to self: Order more food!)

All kidding aside, these additions to our team help ensure that we remain primed to deliver excellent work that will be loved by our clients, and our clients’ clients.

- Jacob Brier (@jacobsnbrier)

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