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Mar 07 2013

Hiring in New York is like hiring for everywhere

One of the reasons we opened our NYC office was greater access to talented designers and developers. It’s a huge market, and it’s trending up-and-to-the-right for all things tech, so I’ve not been surprised by the number of resumes that have been pouring in with New York City and Brooklyn addresses.

One thing I hadn’t considered though is that when you’re in New York you’re really everywhere. How so? Because so many people want to move there. It’s a tremendous advantage being able to hire people that you can work with face-to-face but pull them in from all over the world.

Case in point, our newest hire, Eric Lo. Eric moved from San Francisco last week to join our NYC team as a Designer. Yes, he moved from San Francisco… on purpose! That’s just how awesome New York is. We’re really excited to have him on board, and to be growing quickly and attracting great talent and ambitious clients in New York.

Be on the lookout for Eric’s first post soon.

—Nick Kishfy (@kishfy)

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Nick Kishfy