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Aug 12 2011

Loffles in the New York Times

For the last year, we’ve been working with Brandon and the rest of the Loffles team to engineer their lottery raffle system, which just got written up in the New York Times. They launched in June and already have over 3,000 registered users.

Brandon pitched Loffles to us as “virtual currency meets raffles meets entertainment.” The basics of the system are as follows: You sign up for a Loffles account and provide a few details about yourself. You’ll then watch a video advertisement. After the ad plays, you’re asked a few questions about it. Once you answer them, you can enter contests for prizes.

Andrew Adam Newman from the New York Times talked to a recent graduate who says her experience with Loffles was the first time she won anything online. So far she’s won “Michael Kors sunglasses (valued at $317), an Oster electric wine bottle opener ($24) and a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory ($50).”

We spent a lot of time working on the Loffles specialized video player—so much so that while we were working, we ended up memorizing dozens of video ads. We would hold contests with our team members to see who could recite them verbatim. As it turns out, we all could.

User experience with this type of website was key to getting consumers on board and engaged. We worked with the Loffles team to make sure the user registration was simple and easy to understand.

—Nick Kishfy

Nick Kishfy