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Jan 30 2014

MojoTech now accepts Bitcoin

You can use Bitcoins to pay for discount retail goods, computers, space travel and more.

And now, we're excited to announce that we've begun accepting Bitcoin from our app development clients.


Because like it or not, the direction of the web — and the global economy — is moving.

And while Bitcoin may not end up winning (though we think it will), we believe deeply that cryptocurrency will play a major role in how people do business in the future.

Sure, there are a lot of valid criticisms of Bitcoin. It's new. It's untested. It's volatile.

But volatile young products, when borne from great ideas, embraced, nurtured and executed on smartly, often turn into the most disruptive and valuable tools we have.

We've been fortunate to launch more than 100 apps (serving more than 5 million active users) for our clients. We've been able to do it by innovating on great ideas and turning them into winning products.

We think Bitcoin is a great idea that will become a winning product, and that's why we're embracing it.

If you're interested in talking about turning your idea into an app (either for Bitcoin or cash), get in touch.

— Nick Kishfy (@kishfy)

Nick Kishfy