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Aug 29 2019

Introducing Prismatest Testing Library

Today I’m officially announcing the launch of Prismatest, a Javascript library to decouple your front-end tests from the view layer details. Writing tests for front-end applications is hard. Prismatest aims to make it easier. I've seen and written tests that read

Daniel Wilson


Jun 14 2016

Consistent Return Rule - JavaScript ESLint | MojoTech

As developers, it seems like we're in a land of plenty when it comes to code quality tools. There are many options, some more controversial than others. One such option is ESLint in JavaScript with the consistent-return rule. When you enable

Daniel Wilson


Apr 08 2016

From React to React Native in 5 minutes

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to build a mobile application for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Constrained by time, and being familiar with React JS, I decided to implement the applications using React Native. React

Cathy Zoller


May 05 2015

Why we have routine "code challenges".

Software engineering is a craft like any other, one that requires maintaining a sharp set of tools at all times. While software engineers may not work with saws and chisels, they do work consistently with their minds and thought

Craig P Jolicoeur

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Jul 08 2014

Selecting Google Maps V3 Markers with Selenium or jQuery

Aaron Snyder recently figured out a way to do some integration testing with Google Maps Markers. He shares it here. Thanks Aaron! So you've got your badass custom Google Maps V3 markers rendered, and now you're trying to be a good


JavaScriptEngineeringWeb Applications

Jun 16 2014

Kicking off a Marionette.js application

Sam Saccone (@samccone) is back with some more Marionette.js goodness. Starting up a Marionette.js App with routing can be tricky and full of gotchas. Here is a jump start guide to get you going. A typical single page app requires a few


JavaScriptMarionetteWeb ApplicationsEngineering

Apr 17 2014

Responsive Dynamic-Height Sticky Footers

I spent years trying to get things right with pure CSS alone. I can no longer calculate how many hours I've spent browser testing IE8 and up. And I'm always left asking myself, "Why is this so hard?" The answer is,