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Mar 19 2015

How Hotjar allowed us to iterate smarter.

Here at MojoTech we recently reworked our website with several goals in mind. Top of the list was to more effectively tell our stories and then encourage visitors to continuously engage with our stories through seamless page transitions. We entered the



Mar 12 2015

Marginal gains matter.

At MojoTech, we’re always looking to achieve huge goals. We produce exceptional work because we’ve perfected the ways in which we approach a project. We work within a set of rigorous coding standards. We put an emphasis on collaboration by

Courtney Fanning


Feb 04 2015

Optimizing your code for clarity.

As a developer you will always encounter situations where there are multiple ways to accomplish the same task. Evaluating your options can be done by acting as if you are reviewing the resulting code. The 4Cs are a useful tool for


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