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Apr 25 2022

Do You Really Need React State to Format Inputs?

This article was originally posted on the personal site of one of our MojoTech engineers, Isaiah Thomason. The content and subject matter is relevant to the work we do here at MojoTech, and Isaiah agreed to let us cross-post

Isaiah Thomason


May 23 2019

Opening Day

Aerial view of a baseball stadium Introduction Since one of its earliest releases, I have been a rabid fan of an indie computer game called Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP). OOTP is a video game that allows a player to manage his

Joe DelCioppio


Jun 07 2018

Automating Internationalization Workflow in Emacs

A lot of projects we work on at MojoTech require the UI to be accessible in many different locales. Recently we have been working with a global retailer to build an internationalized React client for their B2B ordering platform. One

Dylan Kirby


May 23 2018

Integrating Netlify's Split Testing with Google Analytics

Introduction Running A/B tests are pretty straightforward. Pick an A/B testing platform, set up some JavaScript snippets, and start making your changes through the provided editor. It works great for testing copy and small HTML/CSS changes, but what if your tests are

Brandyn Morelli


Nov 17 2017

TypeScript Generics for React Components

TypeScript provides some nice facilities for quick and easy error detection when writing React components. Writing React components in TypeScript isn’t hard, but getting the most out of higher-order components in TypeScript can be a bit tricky, especially when they

Daniel Wilson


May 25 2017

React Toolkit

As React advocates, we've used React on a number of client projects, put on a two-day symposium, and frequently share our thoughts on the framework and community here on this blog. Whether you're new to React or using it every

Courtney Fanning

EngineeringReactReact NativeRedux

Jul 22 2016

Fabric Integration for React Native on Android

So, you’ve built a React Native app on Android that is going to change everything. Soon the fateful day arrives when you must release it into the wild, like a chick leaving the nest. chicken leaving the nest A few hours in,

Zach Gibb

ReactReact NativeEngineering