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Jun 21 2012

The new Batchbook is here!

Batchbook just launched a totally new version of their web app, and we’re proud to say that we helped them build it!

I met with Pam O’Hara, CEO of Batchbook, about a year ago now at a little coffee shop in Warren, Rhode Island to discuss helping her team create the new and improved Batchbook. Thanks to the tight-knit Providence tech community, Pam and I already knew each other. I was super excited that she came to us, and she was equally excited for us to take on the project.

Since Batchbook had an engineering team, our role was not only to lead development efforts for the new Batchbook, but also to introduce Pam’s team to our process, tools, and workflow. Before long, we were one well-oiled machine, delivering user stories at breakneck speed.

Lately, many of our clients have wanted this sort of team augmentation / mentoring relationship, and it’s been very rewarding for us. In that role, we’re able to build great software PLUS build great engineering teams, which continues to provide a long-term value even after our engagement has ended.

If you’re not familiar with Batchbook, (and you should be if you run a business), it’s a customer relationship manager (CRM) built for salespeople and small business owners. It’s got all the CRM features you’d expect, plus a delightful interface, social integrations, and is backed by a fantastic customer support team.

If you’d like to learn more about it take a look at the screencasts they’ve put together or sign up for their free 30-day trial at Batchbook.com. There are many more features and improvements in store for the new Batchbook, and we’re looking forward to continuing to make it better everyday.

—Nick Kishfy

Nick Kishfy