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Jul 28 2014

The Recap: July 28, 2014

We post a lot of hyperlinks over on our Twitter account each week. But we know it can be hard to keep up with all that knowledge.

Each week we pick the best of what we've looked at and post it in The Recap. (Posting a little late because we had a lot going on last week.)

We talk a lot with our clients about a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Specifically that it generally makes sense to get an idea out the door so that you can test some of your assumptions before you build out the full-fledged version of your product. We see those ideas echoed in two very good articles: Start with a Cupcake from Intercom and The MVP is NOT About The Product. Both worth a read.

Aaron and Nick talked about similar ideas on choosing the right people with whom to work. Aaron focused on Picking Winners: How We Hire (and Nurture) Developers at MojoTech while Nick wrote up some thoughts on 4 Factors To Consider When Building Your Team.

If you're interested in UX design, specifically how you can design to change behavior, this article from Missy Titus on how to use Motivation, Ability, and Triggers to shape your users/customer’s behavior is excellent.

We spend a lot (too much?) time nerding out over the optimization of all things web, so we were all over this article on Unbounce: How To Optimize Contact Forms For Conversions.

There are few things that spark debate amongst developers (at least in this office) as testing. Interesting, then to see some of these ideas through the lens of QA. Integrative Test Driven Development: Integration testing for integrated teams.

Finally, another gem from Intercom: Killer Onboarding Starts with a Story.

That's it for this week from The Recap. See you next!

Nick Kishfy