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Jul 03 2014

The Recap: July 3, 2014

We post a lot of hyperlinks over on our Twitter account each week. But we know it can be hard to keep up with all that knowledge.

Each week we pick the best of what we've looked at and post it in The Recap. (Posting a day early because of the the holiday weekend.)

We looked at a bunch of programmer/developer type stuff this week so let's collect it all here. Smashing Magazine has a good write-up on Functional Programming worth checking out. Jon Gold presents some very reasonable arguments for when it's ok to do some quick and dirty development vs. doing things the right way in Skyscrapers & Sandcastles. And there's a fantastic discussion about Effective Object Oriented Design going on over at J.B. Rainsberger's site.

Think Vim is weird and hard? Read Vim for people who think things like Vim are weird and hard.

Our own Nick Kishfy finished up his series on Getting Internal Buy-In For Your App Project. Parts One and Two are must reads.

Those of you interested in the Customer Driven Approach should definitely check out The Product Thesis: A concise, easy way to communicate customer needs to design and engineering teams to build the right things.

We think of ourselves as praticioners of a data-informed approach, in slight contrast to a data-driven one. So it's no surprise we found When to Listen & When to Measure: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research from Laura Klein to be a compelling read.

Help Scout continues to compile some excellent resources. This week we were really digging 20 Customer Service Tips You Need to Know .

Seems as though we've be arguing the merits of skeumorphism vs. flat design for decades and it will continue apace. Here's more fodder for the discussion: All flat and looks good. But what’s the goal?

Android developers should definitely comb through this collection of Android GUI Stencils, Kits and Templates.

We're hiring! Interested? Know someone who might be interested? Here you go: MojoTech is looking for a UX & Product Designer to join our Design Team in Providence, RI.

That's it for this week. For those of you in the US, have a safe and happy holiday.

Nick Kishfy