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Jun 13 2014

The Recap: June 13, 2014

We post a lot of hyperlinks over on our Twitter account each week. But we know it can be hard to keep up with all that knowledge.

Each week we pick the best of what we've looked at and post it in The Recap.

We get to build things for a lot of SaaS companies and one of our main concerns from a design and development standpoint is how to reduce dreaded churn. Once we pass a project off however, that focus should turn to a company's Customer Service efforts. In When To Invest In Customer Success, Catherine Blackmore lays out some tips on how to execute this shift.

We're constantly on the lookout for emerging patterns in design. Not because we're interested in new or faddish styles, but because we're fixated on patterns that lead to more useful experiences. Here's a look at some Fresh UI Design Patterns Gaining Traction from Chris Bank.

There are a handful of people in the office who play chess. Some are really good and others are learning the nuances of the game. It's fun to watch the lunch hour matches as they gives a peek into the MojoTech culture: games are friendly and there's always a spirited debate to show how a game might have been improved in some way. It's no surprise to us then that Richard Branson thinks that Chess is the Best Game in the World.

We're big fans of the team at Intercom. Great product and fantastic essays on design thinking. This week they tackle the difficult task of Designing for Personalisation.

It's fun to look at pretty designs all day, but sometimes we really like to nerd out on Internet infrastructure. In What is DevOps? 3 Progressively Broader Perspectives, Donald Guy dives deep into "making systems better understood and easier to work with."

We'd be remiss if we didn't toot our horns a bit so we'll remind you about Sam's Nested Views in Backbone.Marionette and Duncan's Innovation for Grown-up Companies. Definitely worth a read (or a re-read.)

There have been quite a few companies who've been dividing their mobile apps into smaller, standalone apps. The team at MailChimp takes a look at the implications of Mobile App Unbundling and the User Experience.

There's no single recipe when it comes to building a company culture. Because it's something important to us, we really like this Creating Culture article from Andy Dunn at Bonobos.

One of the big announcements that Apple made recently was the introduction of Swift. Their programming language for developing native iOS apps. Here's a good Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift from TreeHouse.

As an agency that follows Agile principles, we're always looking at best practices in the field. In their excellent series on Design Sprints, Jake Knapp of Google Ventures lays out the process they use for Creating A Great Storyboard.

Lastly, an article that kicked up quite a bit of debate in our Slack chatrooms: Good looking emails are killing your customer conversations.

That's it for this week, see you next Friday on The Recap.

Nick Kishfy