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Nov 15 2013

Two Weeks In Tech

I used to think I was fairly computer literate. Two weeks in tech taught me that I am not.

I have been working at MojoTech for two weeks, and at times I have felt like I might be working in a different country. Fortunately for me and the company, my job role has little to do with coding, designing, developing, or anything of the like. I’m the new studio manager; and business administration, office operations, logistics and organizational development are all right in my wheelhouse.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to take on this new role. I watched the company grow from the outside for the past three years, starting back when the office was in Warren. I remember first meeting Nick, shortly after the move to Providence. Now I get to be part of the next big move, across downtown into a space that is going to make an Apple store look like a 16th century Tudor.

My new role with MojoTech is actually my first professional position in the private sector. Prior to joining the team I was running a charity that I co-founded with my wife, and serving small business clients through a marketing communications firm I started. Prior to that, I worked at a variety of non-profit organizations ranging from a summer camp with a handful of year-round employees, to the Lifespan hospital system, which is the state’s largest private employer. I’ve always approached my jobs with passion, because they’ve always been centered on causes in which I believe. I was curious if the absence of a charitable purpose might change that feeling, and I’m happy to say it hasn’t.

After just two weeks at the MojoTech office, I can already see that passion will not be in short supply. Everybody approaches their work with a hunger for innovation and a thirst for excellence. It’s easy to see why the company has received so many accolades and has such a strong reputation. It’s apparent why the company is growing so fast.

It’s thrilling to know that I’ll be part of advancing that growth—even if I dont understand the discussion threads in HipChat (yet).


Jacob Brier