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Jul 12 2011

Unveiling Groove

Build a simple, fast, and elegant customer support software that is better than the competitions, in every way.

This was the directive from Groove’s CEO, Alex Turnbull, on the day we first met, and it’s because of that vision that Groove was so much fun and so challenging to work on.

We’re excited that the buzz around Groove is growing. Today they got an awesome write-up on The Next Web, who called Groove “a breath of fresh air for customer support” and called it “a freshly conceived customer support solution and a beautiful, full-feature iOS application.” Let’s just say it—Groove is a pretty sexy-looking customer support platform on the outside, and it’s just as good looking once you’re inside.

We’ve been working on the strategy, design and development of Groove for the last four months. Within 7 days of launching, Groove already has well over 1,000 private beta signups. It’s completely blown all of us away. We’re proud that it’s a legitimate competitor to Assistly and Zendesk, who probably didn’t even know Groove existed up until now.

We’ve also been developing an iPhone and iPad app for Groove. With “Groove on the Go,” Groove will be accessible wherever you are, so that you’ll be able to reply to customers and assign support tickets to team members while you’re on the road (or at the golf course). Both of these apps should be launching in a few weeks. Also look for the native Groove apps for the Mac and Adobe Air.

Alex has set such high standards for Groove. Everything we build for them is compared to what their competitors have. If it doesn’t work better, fast, or smarter, it doesn’t ship. It’s really that simple.

Alex’s passion for customer service excellence drives us to constantly refine features. We are excited for Groove’s future and look forward to helping them build customer service software that sets new standards.

—Nick Kishfy

Nick Kishfy