Beautiful is just the beginning

Your project has to be beautiful, but we don’t think that’s enough.

Sure, our designs win awards for their looks. But those wins mean nothing if our projects don’t produce big wins for our clients. Extraordinary design inspires action; it should be crafted to guide your users to success, and it should be built on a deep understanding of your business, your customers and what you want to achieve.

Over the years, Mojos have asked and answered a lot of questions, and we believe that “what do your users really need?” is a far more important question than “should we use Photoshop or Sketch?”

We’ve learned a lot of things, and gathered the types of insights that can only be collected from shipping hundreds of successful projects.

We’ve used these insights to create smart, intuitive, user-centric designs that help our clients win.

What makes MojoTech different?

Extraordinary projects call for an extraordinary approach.

A design is only as valuable as the team that’s responsible for building it.

From start to finish (and beyond), successful projects go through many stages. We start with an intensive discovery process that’s built to get deep into your users’ heads and understand their goals, challenges and needs, often better than your users understand these things themselves.

Throughout the discovery process, we research, define the problems we are trying to solve, and begin to put together the early stages of the design solutions.

Solving problems with the power of geometry

After discovery, we move on to execution. This is the stage where we rapidly prototype possible solutions. We begin to test and validate visual styles to ensure we are solving problems through design, not creating more.

Designers at MojoTech understand that designs are not meant to be static, so we spend most of our time focused on the details of what people will actually use, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Next, every design is put through quality assurance, where we ensure that the design is not only beautiful and functional, but we test that it’s effective at achieving the goals we set out to accomplish.

Our process is iterative, and we’re here to work closely alongside you and your customers to ensure that your project stays on track to become a success.

And throughout it all, we pride ourselves on maintaining consistency and staying accurate to your vision. We’re not just handing things off at each step; Mojo designers all have a comprehensive understanding of the development process for each project, and are able to participate at all stages to move things forward.

Today’s best practices (and tomorrow’s, too)

Because yesterday’s methods aren’t enough.

You may have been told that your project needs to incorporate responsive design. But that’s no longer enough. the data that users want to consume on their desktop is not the same as the data they want to consume on their phones and watches.

A row of devices iPhones, Macbooks and Apple Watch displaying the RandomRun app natively

Today’s best designs create a connected experience across all platforms that ensures that the designs aren’t just resized for different screens, but thoughtfully crafted to create the best possible user experience on every device.

As many agencies catch up to yesterday’s best practices, MojoTech’s team is focused on learning and becoming the best at what will make our work the best today, tomorrow and beyond.

Want to build smart things with a super talented team? We're hiring people like that.