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Jul 09 2019

Practices and Tools that Make for a Good Project

What makes for a good software project, from an engineering standpoint? There are projects that are a joy to work on, and others that are a drag. The industry has accumulated enough wisdom to be able to name a few

Jeff Cole

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Jun 15 2018

A Complete Guide to Cloud Computing Terms

Intro to Cloud-Native Terms The definition of what makes something a cloud-native application can be a little (pardon the pun) cloudy. This lack of clarity is curious given that by 2020, it is predicted that the "Cloud Shift" will affect more

Courtney Fanning

Cloud SolutionsEngineering

Feb 27 2018

Cloud-Native Maturity Model

Introduction Running applications on the cloud is not a binary decision. You don’t just move to the cloud and call it a day. The journey to cloud-native starts with establishing business decisions that mandate that applications in your organization need to

Brandyn Morelli

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May 16 2017

Cloud Infrastructure Options, a B2B research and consumer review service, recently spoke with Will Farrell, Lead Software Architect at MojoTech, about cloud infrastructure options and various cloud solution options. Will's interview gives an insightful look into how MojoTech evaluates cloud solutions for

Courtney Fanning

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