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Jul 09 2019

Practices and Tools that Make for a Good Project

What makes for a good software project, from an engineering standpoint? There are projects that are a joy to work on, and others that are a drag. The industry has accumulated enough wisdom to be able to name a few

Jeff Cole

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Jul 08 2014

Selecting Google Maps V3 Markers with Selenium or jQuery

Aaron Snyder recently figured out a way to do some integration testing with Google Maps Markers. He shares it here. Thanks Aaron! So you've got your badass custom Google Maps V3 markers rendered, and now you're trying to be a good


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Jun 09 2014

Nested Views in Backbone.Marionette

A couple of weeks ago we published an article about Functional Programming that used a bagel as an example. It was very well-received, so why not try again? This week @samccone is back with the delicious carbohydrate to talk about


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Apr 11 2014

Jeet | A grid system for humans

UPDATE: Jeet has been nominated as a prestigious Awwward candidate. If you like the site, and you support the cause, we’d appreciate your vote. All grids aren't made the same. There are all kinds of different grids out there but they


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