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Mar 21 2023

MojoTech Announces Partnership with Vercel to Improve Application Accessibility and Performance

Providence, R.I. (March 21, 2023) - MojoTech, a leading product development and application modernization services provider, announces its partnership with Vercel, the cloud platform for



Mar 31 2021

Service Design: it’s never just a product

Digital products are still used in a physical world, and they need to be built for it. When we talk about “digital products,” we tend to think of apps, screens, dashboards—aesthetically pleasing interfaces full of data and delightful copy. Perhaps we

Andy Birch


Sep 20 2019

Carrying the Torch

At MojoTech, we have a long history of working on, contributing to, and using various Open Source software projects. A sample of early projects include Cerberus, one of the first Ruby-based Continuous Integration tools; Capybara-UI, a Capybara abstraction making it easier to define

Craig P Jolicoeur


Aug 06 2019

How to Use Google Sheets as a Stunning Data Visualization Tool

When choosing between data visualization tools, one option worth considering is Google Sheets. Google's spreadsheet application can be used to generate charts, tables and even maps that can be embedded on a website. They're easy to make and can be configured

Tim Barmann


May 01 2019

Product Over Process: Do Your Own Thing and Build Better Software

I used to be a product manager at a company that will remain nameless. Here’s how projects worked: First I would put together a project request form that contained a lengthy requirements section. After the engineering team approved this project

Steve Tiszenkel

NewsProduct Management

Nov 14 2018

Build a simple in-memory cache in Node.js

I created a Node JS project recently that required fetching some data from an external API. A colleague suggested that I cache the API call response. I thought this suggestion was a good idea since the data did not change very

Timothy Barmann


May 16 2017

Cloud Infrastructure Options, a B2B research and consumer review service, recently spoke with Will Farrell, Lead Software Architect at MojoTech, about cloud infrastructure options and various cloud solution options. Will's interview gives an insightful look into how MojoTech evaluates cloud solutions for

Courtney Fanning

EngineeringNewsCloud Solutions