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Jan 13 2020

Best Places to Work 2020

Being featured on Builtin Colorado’s 2020 list of the Best Small Companies to Work in Colorado is a rewarding way to kick off the new year. What do we think makes us one of the best companies to work for? Well let me tell ya... Passionate People -

Kate Moore


Dec 16 2019

7 Digital Transformation Trends Overtaking the Insurance Sector

Insurance is a very traditional industry; almost as old as banking. And yet banking has far outpaced its financial sibling in terms of digital transformation and adoption. Many insurance companies still rely on traditional business processes like



Nov 25 2019

11 Digital Transformation Opportunities for Financial Services

It’s safe to say that most financial institutions know the value of digital transformation and the positive effect it can have on customer service, operations, and company longevity. However, the path to digital transformation is varied and can lead



Nov 15 2019

Jeremy Joins the Team

Having worked in companies of all sizes and as a freelancer, Jeremy Brody comes to MojoTech ready for his next challenge. We’re glad to have him on the team in Providence and look forward to him making an impact on our client projects. Read on to

Kate Moore

NewsNew Hires

Sep 20 2019

Carrying the Torch

At MojoTech, we have a long history of working on, contributing to, and using various Open Source software projects. A sample of early projects include Cerberus, one of the first Ruby-based Continuous Integration tools; Capybara-UI, a Capybara

Craig P Jolicoeur


Sep 05 2019

Meet Conrad, Our New Product Manager

Conrad is passionate about uncovering and resolving user pain. He has experience in both Digital Advertising and Insurance Technology. Conrad loves taking nebulous ideas and turning them into concrete products that solve real problems. He has a

Kate Moore


Aug 20 2019

Meet our newest Mojos - Jennifer, Rupak, and Eric

MojoTech was founded on one simple principle – to create a place where people can do their best work. We’re excited to have these three talented engineers on board and we look forward to the contributions they will make to our team. Jennifer

Kate Moore